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Established in 2009, Trans GNX has rapidly grown to become a market leading independent staffing company in Chennai with an enviable reputation within the recruitment Industry. 

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The scale of our operations and our established ability to deliver puts us in an ideal position to offer a range of enterprise staffing solutions, delivering end-to-end intelligent HR solutions through a single point of access.

Radically, GNX

Best Staffing Company in Chennai

You don’t get this far, this fast, without taking a radical approach to redefining talent solutions. The rapid growth that this has fueled makes us one of the fastest growing staffing companies in Chennai. And we have even bigger ambitions. We’re now on our way to achieving national domination. Isn’t it time you joined us? 

In 2009, we set out to go places. To not only build a staffing solutions company but to redefine, evolve and innovate the industry. Just a few years in, we’re established as the fastest growing talent solutions and HR consultancy in Chennai.

What’s important to us is great customer service and we strive to assist each and every customer with fully customised HR solutions where compliance meets efficiency.

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What we’ve done

Over 10,000 individuals (and counting) have gained jobs via Trans GNX HR Solutions since 2009. Our continual innovation and collaborations has actually earned our staffing solutions company top vendor performance awards from a number of clients, many of whom we have helped over a decade. We offer the same commitment and impact to the new clients we bring on-board everyday.

Our customers look to us for a broad range of full-service recruitment and HR solutions including enhanced team performance, outsourced human resource departments, decreased cycle times, training, large scale project support, and attracting niche specialties. 

We believe that individuals create success via the strong relationships we build with job seekers and our clients. Our commitment to these relationships enables us to rise to the top of the competitive staffing market. Our company is founded upon our core tenets of relationships, integrity, solutions, and also excellence. 

Why GNX !

We are a market leader in staffing & recruitment. We believe in people and their amazing potential. Whether you are looking for a job, seeking hires or thinking about working with us, you’ve come to the right place.

Enterprise Staffing Solutions

We are experts in the provision of truly bespoke RPO Process  and HRO Process. Whether you’re a large corporate, small to medium enterprise, recruitment agency, consultancy or a contractor, we have the right HR solutions for your workforce needs.

Executive Hiring

Hiring a senior executive for your business can be time-consuming and costly if the selection is incorrect. Let us, a premiere leadership staffing solutions company, bring you the talent your organization needs to scale dynamically and lead effectively.

Permanent Hiring

We’ve shaped our permanent hiring process to take up as little of your time as possible while also making sure that you get the best candidates for your vacancies. We will create bespoke plans to fulfill your recruitment needs.

Contract Hiring

Whether you are looking for a fixed-term solution or a specialist skill set to help transform your business, our staffing company in Chennai can provide you with the perfect talent for your team.

Payroll Services

When it comes to outsourcing your payroll, we guarantee excellent customer service, taking pride in our work with our focus entirely on providing the best customer experience possible.

Business Consulting

At Trans GNX our ability to help solve clients’ most complex issues is distinct. We deliver strategy and implementation, from a business and technology view, to help you lead in the markets where you compete.

Our clients love us

We have an average of 4.5

Best HR consultancy in Chennai that understands your “specific” needs

We believe working with a HR solutions company that understands your requirements is very important to you. We see it as a vital ingredient in your recruitment process.

We focus on connecting companies with the right people, through an unrivaled depth of experience and expertise every step of the way. Our dynamic leadership team collectively contribute to a wealth of business knowledge and experience, as well as commonly held values around ensuring an exceptional customer experience.

We make a point of functioning only with high caliber job seekers & outstanding individuals that will certainly deliver remarkable performance. They engage with us due to the fact that we can provide them not only with rewarding opportunities but also guidance at every phase of their career advancement. 

Our core values are about making people the foundation for success. We make every effort with the ambition to offer the best prospects the marketplace has to offer. We invest in our ongoing dedication to match precise skills, experience and ambitions through exceptional people and performance.

Bridging the gap

We’re in the relationship business

The foundation of our success lies in the strong, long-lasting relationships we forge with employers and job seekers as a result of our transparent and trusted approach.

Commitment to excellence

By trusting us as your best staffing company, to find the next member of your team, we understand you’re placing the future of your business in our hands. You can also trust that we’ll do a lot more than simply supply you with a couple of CVs. We use Xing, Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Internet job exchanges, Internet forums and other open source platforms to find the ideal candidates.

Our recruitment process is designed to connect you to the candidates best qualified to help take your organisation ahead. We’ll function very closely with you to evaluate your specific recruitment and staffing requirements as well as define your people strategy, offering expert advice and education to help you achieve your goals.

To us that means correctly promoting your brand in the recruitment and staffing industry, engaging a vast network of passive as well as active talent, and shortlisting only the qualified individuals we believe will certainly thrive in your culture.

We’ll brief and prepare candidates for interview, conduct negotiations and, whether successful or not, we’ll additionally make sure all candidates receive a positive experience that doesn’t just reflect your brand, but also ensures your reputation in the market is protected.


Client Satisfaction

Candidates Recruited

Companies Served

Candidates in our Database

We are industry experts

Trans GNX is staffed with market experts in each industry we serve. Our expertise guides smart hiring decisions and connects companies with the most qualified candidates. Some of our key sectors include:


Information Technology


BPO, KPO - Information Technology Enabled Services (ITES)


Banking, Financial Services and Insurance (BFSI)


US Healthcare


Pharma & Life Sciences


Retail, Logistics & Sales



Companies we have helped

Some of the companies we have provided excellent HR solutions over the years.

Creating Opportunities. Connecting People.

Here at Trans GNX HR Solutions, we have a wide range of interesting opportunities available to help you get that job you’ve always wanted.  Please feel free to upload your CV using the form on our Job Seekers section. Once you have done this one of our highly trained HR Consultants will contact you to find out more about you and what you are looking for.

We’ll talk to you to see what you want out of a staffing agency. We won’t just send your CV to everyone like some recruiters. Getting you the right job, whether its permanent or temporary will be our goal and matching you with potential clients is where we excel. 

Please ensure that you join our Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter pages. These will include you as part of Trans GNX’s online community and keep you updated on all the latest news.

**Trans GNX HR Solutions does not charge any fee at any stage of its recruitment process from the candidate nor allows their employees to collect any fees from any candidates.