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A Market Leader

In 2009, we set out to be the leader in niche and innovative human resource services. To do that, we partnered with clients, delivering their business objectives by developing their talent acquisition strategy, from attraction, recruitment, performance management and retention to succession planning.

What makes our complete talent life-cycle truly different and effective is our specific understanding of each sector and innovation talent: the individuals that are delivering the future.

Our unique approach has driven incredible growth. We successfully support firms to understand, evolve and draw out value from talent, position themselves as an employer of choice, and continue to pioneer the innovative, long-term and proactive approach that informs our clear point of difference: a commitment to innovation.

While we’re providing HR consultancy services for ground-breaking industries, we’re additionally driving innovation, continuously building our tools, skills and experience to stay ahead of the curve, the trends and the next big thing.

It’s a really different recipe for success.

Passionate about people in the workplace

Absolutely nothing delights us more than the right people, in the right place, doing the right thing. And with recruitment at the heart of our service, consisting of niche brands specializing in specific sectors, we’re well-practised in making that happen. Yet there’s a lot more to us.

A strategic HR consulting firm in India with a distinction, our people are specialists, committed and excited about delivering HR solutions throughout every stage of the talent life-cycle. So much so, they have actually won awards doing it for our clients.

Our industry-leading clients trust us to deliver truly tailored, bespoke human resource services, whatever the industry. And with complete talent management solutions, we do it all, almost everywhere. There is no one size fits all approach.

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