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IT Infrastructure Management


Trans GNX helps you make confident technology decisions and ensure your IT organization is agile, effective and equipped to cut through the buzz of the latest trends to create enduring results. At Trans GNX, we take a unique approach to IT, working with business leaders to understand your strategic goals and then determining which technological capabilities, systems and support you need to achieve them.

Technology is an integral and potentially differentiating component of your business that both influences and is guided by corporate strategy. At least, that’s how it should work.

Reach new and game-changing levels of performance by modernizing your IT capabilities, including your applications, systems architecture, operating model and cost structure, so your organization is ready to pursue its digital future.

Improve the value that IT brings to the business, by identifying the resources and capabilities needed to generate lasting results.


Operations Management


Trans GNX helps you transform your operations by taking a holistic view that connects operations to strategy, transcends siloes, and focuses on the opportunities that will create the greatest value. We can help you develop an unconstrained, end-to-end plan to achieve your full vision.

Forge a tight linkage with corporate strategy and building the capabilities you need to respond to shifting market demands and deliver the right product in the right way to meet customer needs. Realize savings across all spend categories by building a world-class organization.

Deliver superior customer service through innovative service design that supports customer acquisition and retention while enhancing productivity, cost management and profitability.


Organizational Development


An effective organization clarifies where and how work gets done. Get that right and the payoff can be significant.

We can help you improve organizational performance from the top to the bottom of the org chart, by working with you to: Build a bridge from strategy to results, diagnose your current operating model and determine how to effectively implement a strategic realignment, cost reduction program etc. We can help streamline work processes, advance your digital strategy and unlock massive savings.

Make and execute decisions faster than your competitors, by assessing and developing your decision effectiveness. Decision made, we help you execute it quickly and successfully, using Agile methods.

Define your long-term talent needs and develop a strategy for meeting them, supported by the systems you need to recruit, retain and develop the people your company depends on. We also help you maximize your talent strategy by showing you how to build the kind of culture that inspires optimum performance.


Corporate Finance


We take an integrated view that links corporate strategy, financial strategy, transactions and a capital markets perspective to help executives and their teams create value.

As you make critical decisions about allocating resources and seizing opportunities, we can help you: Understand what drives total shareholder return in your industry and benchmark your company’s performance against peers. Enhance your capital markets strategy by pinpointing the root causes of gaps between intrinsic vs. market values and identifying ways to close them. We show you how to use your balance sheet as a strategic weapon, and how to develop your equity story to communicate effectively with investors and analysts. 

Create and lead a world-class finance function that creates shareholder value by uniting strategy, business planning, resource allocation, performance management and zero-based budgeting. We also help CFOs and other senior executives build winning operating models.


Change Management


Managing change effectively is a source of competitive advantage, yet few organizations do it well.

We help you move past traditional change management approaches so you can: Structure, orchestrate and enable the change your organization needs to make, by focusing on the coaching and capability building that are essential to winning buy-in and making change stick. 

We work with you on every facet of this change approach, and support these efforts. Trans GNX helps you renew your commitment to the goal and rekindle excitement throughout the organization. We also help you address the culture and organizational behavioral issues that often hamper any type of change initiative. 

Demonstrate the leadership necessary to making change happen, so that the senior team is fully aligned and embodies a shared sense of purpose that inspires the broader organization.

Our approach can help you unleash the collective talents and insights of your team, reminding them of what they’ve achieved so far, and motivating them to achieve even more.


Process Excellence


From targeted solutions that yield an immediate impact to broad transformation programs that redefine how work gets done, Trans GNX can help you take every function within your company to a new level of performance.

Cost Transformation. Eliminate ineffective, nonessential spending, and redirect the savings to the investments that will power your growth.

Corporate Support. Transform finance, IT, HR, legal, facilities management and other functions into valued business partners that work together to provide a competitive advantage.

Operations. From procurement and supply-chain efficiency to a range of core and cutting-edge manufacturing capabilities, we offer a broad range of experts with deep experience in operations.

And, in cases where it makes more sense to partner with third parties, Trans GNX can guide you on choosing and working with the best partners so that your sourcing strategy complements your internal capabilities and serves your growth strategy.


Customer Strategy & Marketing


Trans GNX helps you achieve organic, profitable growth by focusing on three critical building blocks: an outside-in approach that puts customers first, a differentiated customer experience and internal capabilities that ensure you deliver optimal customer interactions at every touch point.

Our team of experts can help you:

Understand your customers’ needs and behaviors by developing superior segmentation capabilities, augmented by advanced analytics and testing that gets results.

Break down barriers to innovation and improve ongoing customer-led product development to reimagine your offerings as an integrated suite that delights your customers.

Identify quick, targeted customized solutions and strategic, operational improvements that can boost underperforming sales organizations and enhance your go-to-market strategy.

Align your marketing and brand strategy with your overarching business objectives and combine hard metrics with creative magic to build a customer-focused brand strategy that goes far beyond cosmetic brand communications.

Provide a great customer experience that earns advocacy through the consistent delivery of positive interactions.




Sustainability efforts should be anchored in business fundamentals, demonstrate a clear return on investment, and be firmly embedded within your strategy and operations.

Our teams specialize in helping you:

Develop a sustainability strategy that addresses social, environmental and economic issues while focusing on the areas that are integral to your core business strategy and will achieve a positive material impact.

Seize opportunities to make operations more sustainable, particularly for companies in resource-intensive industries. Optimize the use of available resources and make the process more efficient.

Pursue investment options that account for environmental, social and governance criteria. We help investors of all types, including private equity firms, investment funds etc. factor sustainability issues into their decisions.

Organize for success in sustainability, by addressing change management challenges and other potential barriers to results.

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