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E-commerce is definitely one of the business options that one will have to explore in the future. Ecommerce is said to bring about paradigm shift in the world for trading. E-commerce is showing tremendous business growth in our country. Backed by increased online user base & mobile phone presentation, Indian e-commerce has seen impressive growth in the last few years.

Considering India’s demographic dividend & rising internet accessibility, the sector is slated to scale greater heights. Although, India’s overall retail opportunity is substantial, the sector is beset with some serious challenges.

E-commerce has come a long way since its inception and is only getting bigger. As technology continues to grow rapidly, e-commerce retailers are adopting newer techniques to facilitate sellers and buyers to sell and buy online more efficiently, thanks to ever dropping rates of internet surfing – both for web and mobile interfaces – which is complimenting to the soaring population of internet users.

It has hence become the key force behind driving the trend for ecommerce. The rise of social networks and mass adoption of mobile devices is acting as a catalyst to accelerate this drive further, shaping the e-commerce trends for the Indian market.

Lack of talent availability and high attrition are causing manpower crunch, which is fast becoming a hurdle. The e-commerce industry is growing significantly in India and expected to add lots of jobs in the years to come. The job market in this relatively new industry seems to be flourishing like no other industry. There are ample of opportunities available because the industry is young and evolving continuously.

Profiles and job descriptions that never existed have been created specifically for this industry and people are getting a chance to innovate and explore new opportunities since there aren’t any set rules and there is a lot of learning along the way. Hiring activities are expected to grow by over 30% in this sector and may help create up to 50,000 employment opportunities in the next two to three years.