Flexi Staffing Solutions

Connecting businesses and workers more efficiently with our flexi staffing solutions


With a growing demand to bring in specialized talent, you need the most personal and professional touch on workforce management. Our Flexi Staffing Solutions offer you the flexibility to recruit expert workers when and where you need them most. It’s easy to find, hire and pay temporary workers securely and safely with Trans GNX.

Job consultants, freelancers, and independent contractors are more popular than ever before. While your in-house team is well-equipped to handle day-to-day objectives, you may need to get in touch with our expert to complete a big project with short turn-around time.

We pride ourselves on being able to fill temporary positions with the perfect candidate, fast! Whether you need cover for an unexpected absence, holiday cover or to hire a key member of staff for a specific period, we have access to a large pool of talent and are able to respond quickly and provide the highest quality candidates readily available.

Trans GNX is a one-stop resource for all your flexi staffing needs. In today’s economy, flexi staffing agencies offer a money saving solution to your employment needs. We provide you with more operational flexibility, using flexi staff as a stopgap so that your business can maximise efficiency and profitability. We proactively work for you to find the solution and ultimately help you to grow your business.

We take the pressure off temporary staffing services. Here’s how we do it:

  • Consult with you and your team
  • Take stock of your entire workforce
  • Assess your challenges and  pain points
  • Embed ourselves in your company culture
  • Employ proprietary search methods and advanced sourcing technologies
  • Pinpoint the most qualified candidates who are the best fit for your business

Trans GNX isn’t your average recruitment agency—our approach really is different, and that’s why we’ve earned our well-deserved reputation as the best flexi staffing agency in Chennai.


Sole Supplier Service

By appointing us to manage your flexi staff supply chain, you will benefit from a single point of contact for all of your company’s recruitment needs, which means your HR division and management teams won’t have to waste valuable time.

Preferred Agency Service

We are pleased to operate a ‘Preferred Agency’ service, where we have demonstrated our ability to out-perform our competitors. Many of our clients have asked us to operate as their preferred agency by allowing us an exclusive period of time to fulfill their demands before seeking out other solutions.

Search and Selection

With over a decade of experience in search and selection, we have developed a considerable network of exceptional candidates who can be contacted in support of these activities to guarantee the best available shortlist.

Looking For Flexi Staffing Solutions? We Can Streamline Your Search!