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Establishing a business takes years of effort and a lot of hard work. It takes undivided attention and continuous investment of resources in the form of efforts, time and money to grow. And, even after all the hard work, success is not guaranteed. 

Franchising is an adroit option to circumvent these uncertainties. With a well-placed investment in an established business, you can buy into a lot more than the goodwill of the franchiser.  Here is why a franchising opportunity with Trans GNX will give your recruiting business the boost to succeed.

Low Capital Needed: Considering the capital required to start a similar business from scratch; franchising of an established business at a fraction of the cost makes brilliant sense. With a one-time franchisee fee, you buy into the value propositions of a larger, established business that is proven and profitable.

Drop Your Risk: By becoming part of an established, high-performance business, you avoid the risk of failure. With 10 years of experience in HR solutions, over 10,000 successful placements and more than 25 regular clients, Trans GNX is a business with strong fundamentals and impeccable track record that is here to prosper. 

Reputed Trade Name: Imagine starting a business tomorrow and becoming a brand with a 10-year legacy the very same day. This is possible as a Trans GNX franchisee. You become part of a valuable brand that is respected in the industry by employers and job seekers alike.

Avail World Class Training: Business ‘know-how’ is continually evolving in the recruitment industry. As seasoned players, Trans GNX stays on top of this ever-evolving landscape. Trans GNX offers world-class training with a syllabus that is developed after years of experience. On completing the training program, you find yourself well on the path to running a seasoned recruitment business.

Comprehensive Market Strategy: Marketing and advertising are vital to every business. As a franchisee, you enjoy the regular marketing and advertising campaigns of Trans GNX run by professionals. These campaigns enjoy economies of scale, have bigger budgets and reach a larger audience, impossible for individual advertisers to achieve. 

Continuous Support: As a new entrant to the business, having a mentor to guide you, is an edge over the competition. Trans GNX mentors your business, drawing from a large experience pool of a decade in the industry. Not only this, but you also benefit from our systems and processes, that have been tested and honed to perfection. As a Trans GNX franchisee, you do not have to reinvent the wheel.

Shared Knowledge Pool: You can learn from the experiences of other franchisees and avoid making similar mistakes and losing valuable time, money and goodwill. Trans GNX will handhold your business in its formative years through its initial struggles avoiding setbacks and hard knocks to along the way.

Trans GNX invites entrepreneurs who are interested in creating their own profitable business to explore the opportunities as our recruitment franchisee. We provide you with the ‘know-how’, the training, the systems and the clients so that you can concentrate on your core strength, work at your own pace and enjoy the benefits of your efforts. The rest, you can leave to us!

Who Can Take up Franchising?

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Employed individuals seeking a new career
  • Employed individuals seeking additional income
  • Housewives
  • Freshers who want to be self-employed
  • Retired individuals

Entrepreneurs: Are you an entrepreneur looking for a new enterprise?

Franchising is ideal for entrepreneurs looking forward to establishing a business venture that is both profitable and scalable. Be it your first venture or your tenth, franchising is any day an effortless addition to your portfolio. With a minimal investment, you associate with an established business and become part of a reputed brand. For an entrepreneur, this is the equivalent of shaving off ten years of hard work in brand building. And, it is easier to build taller and faster on this rock-solid foundation.

Employed Individuals seeking a new career: Are you staring at a stagnant career ahead at your workplace?

Franchising lets you transition from being an employee to business ownership with a single association. The comprehensive support from Trans GNX makes sure that this a seamless and smooth process with minimal disruption in your schedules, revenues or lifestyle. The franchisor will provide in-depth training, comprehensive administrative, management and marketing support and certified orders to work on. This leaves you with the sole task of fulfilling orders and increasing revenues.

Employed individuals seeking additional income: Do you want to build an additional stream of income?

Employees seeking an additional source of income need look no further than a Trans GNX franchise. With continuous support from Trans GNX, you can work at your convenience and set your own pace. With so much on your plate, Trans GNX’s comprehensive administrative and marketing support ensures that you do not waste time on irrelevant functions and concentrate your valuable time and effort. And, when you are confident enough to chuck that job, you can rely on your franchise to become the master of your destiny.

Housewives: Are you a housewife with time on your hands?

Now, you can earn while sitting at home, without even having to step outside. The Trans GNX comprehensive training program prepares you to run your franchise effortlessly, from your home. As a Trans GNX franchisee, there are no company dictated targets; you are free to set your targets and decide your working hours. Balance your home and your profession without missing out on either. And, when you find yourself with even more free time on your hands, you can easily scale up your franchisee to be a full-time engagement, bringing in multiple fold revenues, with no additional investment.

Freshers: Are you a fresher looking to start your career?

Just finished your college? Now you don’t have to wait for a job offer to start your career. Get started and establish an identity for yourself in the challenging human resources industry. Acquire the vital skills needed to be a successful recruiter with our comprehensive, best-in-the-industry Trans GNX training. Become a seasoned HR professional as you complete increasingly challenging projects every passing month.

Retired Individuals: Are you retired with time on your hands?

Put your time, experience and seasoned judgmental skills to good use and continue to earn after your retirement. Work at your own pace and your convenience. No targets, no fixed working hours, and no tensions. In-depth training to prepare you with all the skills you need for the job and constant support if you ever need help. Work for a few hours a day and earn in your free time without disrupting your schedule. Build an asset of value that can be passed along to your descendants.   

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