Franchisee FAQs

Here are some questions we are asked frequently regarding our franchising model. Please read through to find answers you are looking for. If your question is not answered here, then please contact us directly with your questions.

In the FAQs below, the terms Branch Office (BO) and Partner refer to the Franchise Partner and the term Head Quarters (HQ) refers to Trans GNX

How does the Trans GNX franchising model work?

The recruitment business is a very ‘low entry barrier’ business which one can easily venture into. But having said that, it takes the business years of hard work and a track record of consistent deliveries, to build a reputation in the industry. The Trans GNX franchise is a model which allows entrepreneurs to enter the business with the strong credentials of our reputation and support behind them. We make this possible by the exhaustive training that we impart which makes our associates meet the standards expected of Trans GNX. Thus, the franchisee becomes a Branch Office (BO) of Trans GNX, the Head Quarters (HQ).

We can break down the recruitment business into three main components of Administration, Business Development and Operations. Let us see how Trans GNX integrates into your business in these three components.

Administration: All mundane administrative chores, like billing, raising invoices, follow up on payments, chasing clients for unpaid bills, Contracts, documentation, taxation etc are handled by the HQ. Our tried and tested processes ensure that these tasks run like clockwork around the year; efficient and non-intrusive so that you can concentrate on the core business at hand.

Business Development: Client acquisition and business development are functions that are being done by the HQ, consistently for the past ten years. The HQ has a long list of happy long-term clients, the list is made longer through continuous business development programs. The BO benefits from these investments made by the HQ and is under no pressure to get new clients or business.

Operations: Operations lie at the core of the business and the BO’s sole responsibility. The training imparted to the BO is to be applied on the job, to fill the requirements on time and deliver quality. This is what generates income, and this is the only aspect of the business the BO concentrates on.

How much business can we expect every month?

Each franchisee will receive work based on his/her potential and previous performance.  As a beginner, a franchisee will get positions worth INR. 50K EACH DAY.

Once the franchise shows potential, more work is assigned. It is in our interest to see that each franchisee can complete positions worth 2 to 3 Lakhs a month and we work towards this target.

Will the number of requirements decrease over time?

No. On the contrary, we shall strive to increase the numbers allotted to each franchise over time. It is in our best interests to have our franchisees working at maximum capacity.

Can I undertake Business Development activities of my own?

Yes, you can. We will assist you with our expertise and even train your business development team so that they can perform better on the field if you so desire.

Do I have to bring business only from my region or can I bring business from any region?

You can bring in new business from any region.

Will you be sharing the same requirements that I will be working on, with other franchisees or recruiters? Will we be competing against each other?

No, we will not be sharing the same requirements with multiple partners within the organisation. But you must also be aware that Trans GNX may not be the sole recruitment agency working on a client’s account. The external competition will always remain a challenge.

What type of requirements will we dealing in as a BO?

The requirements that Trans GNX deals in can be broadly categorized under three heads:

  1. Junior (positions that pay between INR 8,000/- and INR 25,000/- per recruitment): This is the most prolific segment and the segment which beginners start working on. It is the easiest to work on this segment and build your skills. Once you demonstrate your expertise in working with this segment, we will gradually transition you to the next.
  2. Mid-Level (positions that pay between INR 25,000/- and INR 50,000/- per recruitment): The biggest chunk of our business comes from this segment. We work towards elevating our franchisees to work on this segment at the earliest, to meet our ever-increasing workload in this segment.
  3. Senior Level (positions that pay upwards of INR 50,000/- per recruitment): Top-level recruitment are a niche segment suited for the highly skilled. In this segment, the requirements are not as prolific, and they require sharp negotiation skills to fill these positions. But it is also the segment that pays the most. We give our franchisees the opportunity to work in this segment, and when they prove themselves worthy of the challenge, they continue to get such assignments regularly.
Where are your clients located?

Trans GNX has clients spread across India. However, the majority of our requirements come from the metropolitan cities of Mumbai, Delhi, Pune, Gurugram (Gurgaon), Bangalore, Hyderabad and Chennai. We have also been receiving an increasing number of requirements from tier 2 cities recently. This is a phenomenon that is poised to continue and increase in the coming years. You will be assigned requirements from different clients across the country.

Will there be work from my City?

Yes, there could be work from the town or city you operate from, but this cannot be guaranteed. You are welcome to bring in new business from your town or city if the business is profitable.

What are the industries which I will be recruiting for?

Trans GNX has clients across various industries and segments. You will be assigned a mix of requirements from different industries. We have reputed names from IT, ITES/BPO/KPO, Banking, Financial Services & Insurance, Pharma and Life Sciences, US Healthcare, Retail, Logistics, Sales & Marketing and E-Commerce in our client list, who we service regularly.

What if I am unable to complete a requirement or do not want to work on a specific job?

It is your choice to refuse work. We shall try to give you an alternate replacement, but it cannot be guaranteed. The HQ will provide you with all the assistance you need, to complete any requirement you are working on. But, in case you want to give up mid-way, you can; though we would strongly advise against it.

Do I get a contact person in the HQ to address my concerns to?

Yes, Each BO will be assigned a Mentor in the HQ. The Mentor will guide you through the process of establishing and running your business profitably.  Your Mentor will assist you with all your requirements from the HQ and be your inside person in the HQ.

Will I be provided training?

You will undergo a comprehensive, week-long training program and only after successfully clearing the examination, will you be inducted as a BO. The training will equip you with all the skills needed to run your business successfully.

Where will the training be conducted?

The training will be conducted at the HQ location (Chennai). The costs of travel, board and lodge for attending the training session will have to be borne by you. But, considering the ongoing pandemic situation, training sessions will be conducted online over Zoom until the situation improves. But if a new franchisee feels the incontestable necessity for physical trainings session, please feel free to discuss your requirements with the management.

Do I have to pay for my training?

Your training fee is included in the franchise fee collected. But you will have to bear the costs of travel, board and lodge for attending the training program.

Will there be a continuous learning program on the job?

Continuous learning and knowledge up-gradation is the lifeline for any growing organisation. Your mentor will hold regular guidance sessions with you over the phone daily if needed. You can also reach out to the mentor with your concerns at any time. Online training sessions and webinars about new developments in the industry are conducted regularly. At Trans GNX, upskilling is ingrained into our corporate philosophy.

Can I request direct training from the job portals in addition to your training?

Yes, you can contact your mentor if you need direct training from the job portals. Your mentor will schedule a direct training session for you.

Can I deduct my franchise fee from my earnings?

No, the franchise fee will have to be paid in full, upfront.

Can I pay my franchise fee in installments?

No, the franchise fee will have to be paid in full as a single payment. You can contact us to avail financing options which you can pay back in installments. The decision to finance is a prerogative of the third party financing institution associated with us. Trans GNX plays no role in this decision-making process.

Is the Franchise fee refundable?

No, the Franchise fee is not refundable under any circumstance.

What can I do to reserve my franchise?

You can reserve your franchise with an initial payment of INR 50,000/-. The balance should be paid before undergoing the training session.

For how long is the franchise agreement?

The initial franchise agreement between You and Trans GNX will have a Lock in Period of three years.

Will I have to pay additional fees after the end of three years?

No, there is no additional fee to be paid after the end of three years.

Do I have to be engaged in the franchise full time? Or, can I hire competent people to manage the business?

You can decide to run the BO yourself or delegate it to your employees while you manage other businesses. If you decide to hire people, it will be your responsibility to pay staff salaries.

Will you guide me on the recruitment if I decide to hire people?

Yes, the HQ will hand-hold you through the process of recruitment; shortlisting prospects and identifying the right candidate for you to onboard.

What is the service fee you charge from the clients?

We work on varying fee structures for different clients based on the length and strength of our relationship with the client. Though it is difficult to have fixed structures for all clients, for illustrative purposes, we can say that 8.33% of the candidate’s CTC is the average fee structure we work on. The invoice will be raised in  thirty days after the candidate joins employment. Payment delays from the client are not uncommon in the industry.

What is my share in the candidate’s service fee?

You get 75% of the amount collected from the client.

Do you deduct TDS from my payment?

Yes, 2% TDS is deducted from your payment and TDS certificate for the amount deducted will be provided to you at the end of the year.

Can you give me an illustrative example of the economics of a franchise?

Imagine you have placed a candidate with an annual CTC of INR 600,000/-.

His service fee will be INR 49,980 & the invoice amount with taxes will be INR 56,977. When the client gives us the payment he will pay us deducting TDS at 10%,so we get INR 51,279.

Your share is 75% of service fee which comes up to INR 36,735. For the balance Rs.750 you will be getting a TDS Certificate.

What is the mode of payment?

Our preferred mode of payment is online transfer. A detailed statement of account will be provided after every payment.

Do you work at less than 8.33% service fee?

As a policy, we do not undertake projects which return less than 8.33% as a service fee. But, under certain circumstances, we do occasionally undertake such projects. If we choose to take up such a project and assign it to you, you will be informed in advance about the payment terms.

Does the fee share percentage change with a change in service fee?

No, the fee share percentage remains 75% for the BO and 25% for the HQ.

What if the candidate we recruit leaves the company within three months?

If a candidate leaves within the first three months, we are obliged to provide a replacement at no additional cost. This obligation falls on the BO that has recruited the candidate.

If I get a new client, what will be the terms of sharing the service fee?

The terms of sharing the service fee will remain the same, a 75% share for the BO and 25% for the HQ.

What if I want to start a company and shift all the clients to the new company?

Trans GNX is fair in all its transactions with its partners and we expect transparent and ethical dealings in return from all our franchise partners. If we detect any malpractice, or deviance from the partnership agreement, from our partners, we will discontinue our association with the partner and notify our clients accordingly. The BO will have to cease using the Trans GNX brand name with immediate effect and face legal action.

What are the job portal subscriptions that will be provided to me?

Monster, Shine. In addition to intensive training in these job portals, you will also be trained on how to use ‘Linkedin’ for your search.

What if I want to buy different portal subscriptions?

We recommend two or three portals for your sourcing needs, but you can choose to subscribe to any number of additional portals of your choice at your discretion.

Do I have to pay the portal subscription fees?

Yes, you will have to pay the subscription fees for all the portals you choose to use. But before you buy we will provide you 3 months portal  free of charge.  The HQ will  you identify the most appropriate portals.

Can I buy additional login accounts at these portals?

Yes, we can help you buy additional logins if you require.

Are there any additional investments I have to make?

Working space, furniture, computer, internet connection and a telephone to make calls are things you will need to function effectively. Your main investment will be your time, effort and skill.

How much will I earn every month?

This is not an employment opportunity with a fixed remuneration package. You will earn based on your performance. You can study the projections we have made, to get a fair idea of your earning potential in this business. (As in Tab 7)

How long before I break even and recoup my investment?

You can expect to recoup your investment of the franchise fee in 3 to 6 months.

Will there be more than one franchise partner in the same city.

Yes, there can be more than one franchise partner in a city. But as we work for clients spread across the country, this will not affect the workloads of any partner. Each partner will continue to receive his due share of requirements, uninterrupted.

Are there any other government formalities that I need to complete?

No, there are no additional formalities that you need to complete.

I am a little skeptical about my capabilities.

We are confident that our intensive training will equip you to meet the challenges that you will face on the job. You can hear what our existing partners and associates have to say, to improve your confidence.

Are the figures shown in the projection chart the guaranteed returns that I can expect?

The financial projections in the chart are a conservative estimate prepared in line with the past experiences of our associates. But actual numbers will depend on the performance of the individual partner. These figures are not guaranteed, but easily achievable with commitment and hard work.

Will you share the salaries of the business development executives I employ?

No, we will not share the salaries of the people you employ. You are fully responsible for their salaries.

Can you explain the replacement guarantee system for the candidates we provide?

We provide a three-month guarantee against the candidate leaving the organisation. In case your candidate leaves the organisation during this period, you are obliged to provide a replacement candidate within 30 days at no additional cost to the client.

If I do not complete my monthly allotment of requirements, will it be carried over to the next month?

 Yes, you are expected to complete the requirements at the earliest the next month. In the meanwhile, you will continue to receive your next month’s workload as usual.

Is there enough work for every partner?

Yes, there is enough work with us to keep all our partners working at full swing every month.

If I am unable to fill a certain vacancy, can I give up?

We do not appreciate our partners walking away from a challenge. But if unforeseen circumstances force you to withdraw, we will work to fill the requirement from the HO. If you feel that there is a lack in your training, you can talk to your mentor to fill the gap with targeted intervention.

What is the payment cycle? When will I get my money?

The client is obliged to pay us within 30 days of the candidate joining the organisation. Once the client releases the payment, the franchise partner gets his money within seven working days. Payment delays from the client have to be provisioned for, while you estimate payment schedules.

Do you have documentation that can support my tax claims?

Yes, every payment will be supported with a statement of accounts which can be used for taxation purposes.

Do I have additional responsibilities?

Yes, you are expected to maintain cordial relations with the client and work towards total client satisfaction. You should also aim to grab more work the clients you are dealing with.

How soon can I expect results?

You can expect to see results right from day one itself. But, it may also take some time for you to get into the groove to start showing results. With your training, you will realize that the more you learn on the job, the easier it gets.

Can I build a team under me?

Yes, that is the path to growing the business.

Can this teamwork on profit-sharing terms?

No, any person you employ will have to be a full-time employee. We cannot associate with anyone who is not a full-time employee either directly or of our franchise partner.

Will I get enough work for a bigger team?

Yes, we would be glad to provide you with more work once you show us a track record.

Will I get Official Trans GNX e-mail accounts for me and my team?

Yes, you and your team will get official Trans GNX e-mail IDs.

Will my team get appointment letters from Trans GNX.

Yes, your team will get appointment letters issued jointly from Trans GNX and the franchise partner.

What will be my franchise business be called?

You are a branch office of Trans GNX in your town. There is no mention of the franchise partner anywhere.

What will be my designation?

You will be the Branch Head of our branch.

Can I grow within the organization?

Yes, we have growth plans charted out for all our franchise partners. These plans will be revealed to you after you complete three years with us.

What is the maximum volume you can provide me with?

There are no limits for the right partners who can deliver on volumes.

How do you allocate work amongst the partners?

We have a transparent system for allotting work among our partners and associates which ensures free and fair distribution to all our associates. Once you join the Trans GNX family, you will be privy to how this system works.

Can I get all my requirements from one single industry of my choosing?

We would advise you strongly against this practice. A franchise should work on different industries to cushion against unexpected market developments. But, you can speak to your mentor to check if allotments more partial to one industry can be possible.

Will you provide salary slips for my employees?

No, your employees are not on the payrolls of the HQ. Hence, the HQ will not provide salary slips.

Do you do campus recruitment and temporary recruitment?

We do not do campus recruitment. We do undertake contract to hire staffing and contractual staffing assignments.

Can I visit the HQ?

You can visit the HQ anytime.

If I cannot visit the HQ, can you send me pictures of the HQ for me to see?

Yes, we can arrange for the pictures.

How can I trust Trans GNX?

25+ regular clients, 10,000+ recruitment till date and growing, over 10 years in business: these are our credentials that have earned the trust of the industry.

Can I buy stocks in your company?

No, we have no plans to open up for outside investments in our company right now.

Do you have plans to sell your company?

No, we do not have plans to sell our company.

Does the company have any overseas expansion plans?

Yes, we do have plans to expand our operations to international markets. But we do not want to commit dates to our plans at the moment.

Does the company have any other business interests?

No, the company does not have business interests in any other areas.

Will I get an opportunity to be a part of this expansion plan?

Yes, all our partners will get the opportunity to work on all our projects in due course.

How soon can we expect your expansion plans to materialize?

We are unable to fix deadlines for our expansion plans at the moment.

Is there territory exclusivity based on my location?

No, there is no exclusivity with regards to the territory. You will be assigned projects from across regions. It does not matter which location you work out of.

Can I run my business operations from two locations at the same time?

No, we offer a franchise the authority to operate from only one location.

Do I necessarily need a team to run the business?

No, you can run the business alone or as a team.

Can I operate from Home?

Yes, you can operate the business efficiently from your home.

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