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US Healthcare Recruiting


We now have placed more foreign-educated healthcare professionals than any company in our marketplace. We’re a group of compassionate, committed, and enthusiastic individuals who function each day to help you become successful at work and life in the U.S. We all play a role inside your journey and are committed to your success.

Our team has placed thousands of foreign-educated health professionals at profitable places. We are proud to have earned a 95% customer satisfaction evaluation for our team’s integrity and also a 93% complete satisfaction evaluation from our foreign-educated caregivers.

We offer health-care pros to hospitals, clinics, and ambulatory care centres on a per diem and /or modest time frame as agreed up on by the organization and also our healthcare client.

Specializations we recruit:

  • Marketing
  • Digital
  • Sales
  • Supply chain
  • Procurement
  • Operations
  • Engineering
  • Talent Consulting
  • Executive Search
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