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Bespoke Human Resource Outsourcing Services (HRO)


HR operations are under continued scrutiny to demonstrate value. With our bespoke Human Resources Outsourcing Services (HRO), companies can both manage their HR responsibilities and drive ahead strategic priorities that can improve the credibility and trustworthiness and impact of the Human Resources function.

Through our outsourced HR services, Trans GNX helps organizations of all sizes meet their company obligations and deliver the best in HR practice.

As part of our human resources outsourcing services, we provide clients unlimited access to a dedicated team qualified, experienced HR specialists, enabling your company to gain from complete and compliant workforce management.

As a total employer solution, we can provide the full HR need or specific HR services, functions or processes, such as:

    • Payroll, rewards, benefits, incentives
    • Human Resources policy management
    • Recruitment & onboarding
    • Performance management & monitoring
    • Learning & development

Whether your in-house Human Resources team is overstretched, you have no internal HR resource capability or you want expertise in a specific area of HR, we can help, providing day-to-day support and access to HR experts in areas of strategic or administrative need.

Our human resource outsourcing services can support you by:

    • Taking care of specific HR activities and processes or through complete human resource outsourcing
    • Managing the administrative aspects of your Human Resources function on your behalf, such as managing employee queries
    • Managing the HR infrastructure, including technical platforms

Our team of qualified human resources specialists take a partnership approach, operating as an extension of your HR and management teams.

We understand that engaging with an external service provider needs to be a strategic decision. First, we will work with you to understand your organisation and people’s goals and objectives, service needs and of risk for mitigation.

We can help you ascertain the optimum level and setup of outsourcing for your company to help improve human resources efficiency and contribution to business outcomes. Trans GNX will create a human resource outsourcing solution customized to your organization and structured to deliver to support where you need it.

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The advantages of human resources outsourcing (HRO):

Human resource management is a challenge for all employers, regardless of the organization’s size, location, and sector. Often, companies face a demand for more human resources effort but are not able to justify employing HR personnel. For others, the need is to free up and refocus their human resources function from primarily HR administration and transactional support towards strategic, positive projects where critical value can be delivered.

Human resources encounter an imperative to lead and assist in a culture of digitization and digital competence, and to tackle individuals impact of relentless environmental changes and increasingly complex workforce profiles of freelance consultants, part-timers, and also flexible workers.

For some companies, the capacity or capability may not be internally available to drive forward such projects which require highly technical and specialist human resource expertise.

With our human resources outsourcing services (HRO), companies can benefit from access to additional HR specialists to support in accomplishing people-led objectives.

Human Resource Outsourcing Benefits

It will be vital to the future success of any outsourcing arrangement to have clarity of your outsourcing objectives for the outset, which could consist of:

    • Freeing up management time to concentrate on core business concerns and strategic projects
    • Accessing Human Resources best practices
    • Streamlining and standardize core processes
    • Cost reduction
    • Improving the performance of Human Resources systems, processes and procedures
    • Collation and accessibility to improved HR data
    • Accessing HR expertise beyond the internal capability
    • The flexibility of service provision
    • Lowering risk

This forms the basis of our service, which we will devise and develop giving consideration to principles critical to the successful operation of an human resources outsourcing partnership:

Strategic value: We advocate a partnership approach with our outsourcing clients. From the beginning, we work to build an understanding of the company’s business strategy and individuals’s risk profile to ensure our solution is aligned to the specific needs and challenges of your organization.

Risk management – For overstretched Human Resources teams, ongoing compliance and proactive risk management can be challenging to deal with versus the day-to-day HR service demands. Human resource outsourcing can make sure critical Human Resources practices and legal obligations are being fulfilled.

Employer brand alignment – Human resource outsourcing can provide the ways to accomplish authenticity to live and breathe the employer brand where the employee experience is falling short of the employer brand aspirations. As an example, relying on spreadsheets and paper forms does not equate to a pro-tech and innovative work environment. Human resource outsourcing can provide solutions such as access to new Human Resources systems, and emerging technologies in areas such as AI and digital.

Service level agreement (SLA) – The terms of an human resource outsourcing relationship and service need to be laid out within a service level agreement. The agreement should explain the scope of the arrangement, and the standards and expectations of both parties, in addition to the consequences of falling short to meet these obligations.

Through our human resource outsourcing services, we allow companies to focus on core business activities while our specialist HR function manages the strategic, risk and compliance activities that time pressures restrict in day to day activities. We have reduced hiring costs and time to hire by 25-50% through redesign of recruitment methodology and onboarding.


Outsourced HR

We work collaboratively with our clients as a partner and seek to understand your organisation, its drivers, its culture and its objectives. We tailor our services according to your specific needs, particular environment and operating framework, and believe in delivering effective and sustainable solutions.

Specialist Support

We offer Strategic, Operational and Specialist Support, where-by we have demonstrated our ability to out-perform our competitors. We help you in: Starting your HR department, Performance management, HR consulting, Independent workplace investigations, Workplace & Industrial Relations, implementing HR policies and procedures.

Our Human Resources Practice

So whether you are a small company looking to grow or a larger company looking to be more efficient, we provide top quality human resource outsourcing service to ensure your business runs with more support and most importantly, less risk. We are one of the best HR outsourcing companies in chennai.

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