Message from our MD

I believe in the power of people.

That a group of like-minded individuals, united in a vision and empowered to act, can achieve whatever they strive for.

Here at Trans GNX, it happens almost daily. The energy, passion and enthusiasm of our staff are helping transform the employment landscape in Chennai, making a compelling business case for diversity.

Workplaces used to be filled with barriers of all kinds – physical, emotional, mental and perceptual. Slowly and inevitably, these barriers are coming down. But there is still a lot to be done.

My promise is to never stop learning about the people we serve, the barriers they face, and the ambitions they have. 

I am excited to lead an organization where staff exemplify our Brand Pillars of innovation, collaboration, professionalism, enthusiasm and drive. Over the coming years I hope to see these become even more vibrant within our organization. I can’t think of better traits to have in colleagues, and I am looking forward to the possibilities that lay ahead.

Karthik Shetty