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Our service starts with you…distinctive, honest and reliable!

At Trans GNX HR Solutions, we are serious about employment and passionate about Human Resources. Since our formation in 2009, our firm has changed and evolved. We have worked for several large blue-chip companies. This experience was vital and has enabled us to share our knowledge with small and medium-sized companies, adding value to their operations.

The overarching principles that guide our approach are based upon integrity, collaboration, empowerment, responsibility and respect. We still go the extra mile with our dedication and readiness to deliver a truly favorable experience for our business clients.

We will certainly provide you confidence that your company is operating in accordance with labour laws and regulations, enabling you to minimize the risk to your business and build a healthy and balanced work environment with delighted employees. We commit to providing a top quality human resources management solution that brings benefits to business, leads to higher profits and reduces employment risks.

Within our culture are the highest standards of an human resources management solution, adaptability and commitment and also a welcoming and friendly approach in dealing with clients. Our clients and business partners are at the heart of our ideology, being the elements of our core values and drivers of our future plans, contributing to mutual success.

We believe in the power of talent.

Connecting the right people

It’s everything about you. We value each person’s personality, focus on individuality and progress. We require and develop commitment, trust and team spirit. We strengthen our customers’ trust through process-oriented structures, open communication as well as efficient and customer-oriented processes, and develop solutions geared to the specific demands of our clients.

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