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Trans GNX HR Solutions creates customized Recruitment Process Outsourcing Solutions that provide our clients a competitive edge and makes it possible for businesses to meet their most difficult hiring challenges. Our RPO solutions are completely scalable, delivering our clients a partial or full end-to-end outsourced recruitment model. We are one of the best recruitment process outsourcing companies in India.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) is a growing sector in India with organisations across industry verticals considering the benefits of contracting out the recruitment process to a third-party service provider. An RPO solution delivered by the right provider, is a very compelling offering and is rightly seen by Human Resource leaders and C-suite execs as a high value, strategic solution.

A great RPO solution will certainly drive business efficiency and business outcomes, by improving hiring quality aligning a workforce strategy to the overall business strategy and making use of the internal and external talent to ensure optimal performance.

We provide you with the following two types of recruitment process outsourcing solutions:

1. Enterprise RPO: A complete end-to-end recruitment process outsourcing solution.

2. Project RPO – Perfect for companies that anticipate a short/ fixed term (partial cycle rpo) spike in hiring needs. This could be as a result of a client, growth of business lines, development of a brand-new product or growth into new territories.

Enterprise Recruitment Process Outsourcing Solution

Trans GNX will develop a complete talent acquisition framework, build delivery capability and implement a performance measurement program designed to offer visibility and accountability in our performance. Our commitment is to be a strategic partner, improving your talent acquisition function and helping you create a stronger organisation.

Our Enterprise RPO Solution has been developed through the extensive talent outsourcing experience of our executive team and encompasses – a strategy for executive support and internal key stakeholders, a hiring manager partnership program, defined recruitment workflows and process, communications tools and forms, reporting and compliance framework, job descriptions and marketing templates, a candidate attraction strategy, a customized social media strategy (across Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook), talent community development.

Our goal with Enterprise Recruitment Process Outsourcing offering is to build capability within an agreed time frame, optimize the model and then hand the entire framework back to our clients to manage in-house. 

An Enterprise RPO has countless benefits for your organisation, viz. :

    • An Optimized & Consistent Recruitment Process – Consistency in the recruitment process can be a real problem for businesses with multiple divisions or locations. An Enterprise RPO solution can quickly optimize the hiring process, making sure a best practice, predictable process right across the organisation.
    • Reduced Cost Per Hire – Reducing cost is one of key factors clients go with an RPO staffing model. We can lower hiring costs by streamlining your recruiting process and developing alternate sourcing methods for finding candidates.
    • Flexible & Scalable Recruitment Resources – Our Recruitment Process Outsourcing solutions are scalable ensuring your organisation has the capability to meet seasonal demands or deliver immediate projects without being overloaded with high, long-term recruitment costs.
    • Increased Prospect Quality – We implement a range of candidate sourcing methods which go far beyond the ‘post and pray’ approach to recruitment and makes sure that you get to a broader, passive talent pool, raising overall candidate quality.
    • Increased Hiring Manager Satisfaction – Hiring managers are generally very delighted to have additional support within their recruitment function. This increased support allows hiring managers to focus on their core activities and away from time-consuming recruitment activity. Once each facet of your recruiting process is optimized and candidate quality has improved enhanced with less input required from hiring managers, satisfaction levels improve significantly, which often has a positive flow-on impact throughout the team.

Project Recruitment Process Outsourcing Solution

Trans GNX’s Project RPO solutions are scalable and customizable to suit your specific requirements, budget plan and also timeline. Our recruitment Process outsourcing (rpo) solution can be unbundled providing you with the components of a talent acquisition model that you need including sourcing, screening, candidate assessment, interviewing and reference checking.

Finding the bandwidth and resources internally to efficiently manage such growth can be a challenge and this is where Project RPO can be an excellent solution. Project RPO will certainly improve your talent acquisition strategy and increase your recruitment capability for a fixed duration without any disruption to your core business.

Project RPO has numerous benefits such as:

    • Gain Critical Mass Quickly – RPO can provide your talent acquisition capability a boost and can be implemented within an extremely short time frame. This solution does not replace your existing HR/Recruitment team.
    • Smart Application of Resources – A significant benefit of Resource Process Outsourcing is that it allows your business to focus on resources in a specific area. You might have a need for volume hires in one part of your operation or a requirement to expand a highly specialized part of the business and RPO is an ideal solution to facilitate this type of growth.
    • Control Cost and Minimize Risk – You have the ability to control the scope and cost expense price of your recruitment function enabling you to swiftly scale up capability without incurring any fixed long-term costs. Our Project RPO solution has a clearly defined start, end and cost.
    • Enhance Your Talent Database – We will develop specific talent pools, identifying and mapping the candidate market and future-proofing your talent database.
    • Improve Employer Brand – Often it’s the small things that make the big difference when hiring. An outside perspective on your employment brand and fresh ideas on hiring strategies need not be complicated or expensive. 

Do any of these define your organization’s talent acquisition challenges?

    • Is it taking you too long to fill up open positions?
    • Do you have way too much to manage and enough hours in the day to focus on the sourcing and hiring process?
    • Is your recruiting team smaller than ideal for your current requisition volume?
    • Do you make use of a number of different recruiting firms, resulting in high recruiting costs?
    • Does your internal team lack the time and bandwidth necessary to find the most qualified candidates?
    • Have your positions become harder to fill than they were a year ago?
    • Is your demand for workforce higher than the supply from which you are currently recruiting hiring?
    • Are you intending to add or expand a service line or product offering?

If you answered “YES” to any of the above questions, then recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) might be the right solution for your organization. 


Reduce Your Recruitment Costs with RPO

We reduce your recruitment costs, while giving you a competitive edge. You will benefit from a single point of contact for all of your company’s recruitment needs, which means your HR division and management teams won’t have to waste valuable time. 

A Specialist Partnership

We work as one with your staff, providing support and training to deliver a smooth and effective service.

Improving Outcomes

Trans GNX’s Recruitment Process Outsourcing Solutions provide the edge you need. From delivering quality candidates on time and on budget, we’ll keep you ahead of the game when it comes to top talent.

Schedule a demo to identify your key needs and we’ll work with you to find a solution that’s the perfect fit for your business.