Creating a perfect relationship with your staffing agency

Creating a perfect relationship with your staffing agency

Staffing agencies provide your company with perfectly matched candidates. Take a moment to stop and consider: how good is your relationship with your staffing agency? Is it providing your company with desirable results?

Successful partnerships have a huge impact on the quality and quantity of candidate intakes. And like all good relationships, communication between both parties is key. Knowing each other inside and out can also be an advantage. Remember that the aspects of your company that agencies aren’t aware of, can’t be used by them to maximize results. To ensure you are utilizing your recruitment agency, and maximizing their potential to achieve successful results, take a look at our guide below.

Does your organization have a clear resourcing strategy?

  • Have you briefed the agencies you work with on your strategy?
  • How do the agencies you work with contribute to your resourcing objectives?
  • Do you keep these agencies up to date with developments in your organizations?
  • How might a clear resourcing strategy assist with your recruitment planning and help agencies meet your staffing needs?

Do you recruit in hard-to-fill skill groups?

  • Do the agencies you work with specialize in the industry/sector you recruit into?
  • Where is your agency looking for talent if the skills are not available?

Do you recruit temporary staff?

  • Do the agencies you work with recognize that the quality of temporary candidates is as important as permanent?
  • Do you place good quality contract-to-hire candidates?
  • How can temporary workers be advocates for your organization?

Do you operate a preferred vendor list?

  • What advantages/disadvantages does the vendor bring?
  • Does HR respect the vendor arrangements to ensure fair processes for all agencies?
  • What advantages/disadvantages do you think there might be using a vendor?

Are line managers involved in the recruitment process?

  • What role do they play in the relationship between organization and recruitment process?
  • Does their involvement add value to the relationship?
  • What are your reasons for not involving them in recruitment?

Does your organization have an employer brand?

  • Have you communicated this to the agency?
  • How should your employer brand be seen by prospective candidates from a recruitment agency?

Do you work in partnership with agencies and look to them to add value to your resourcing strategy/activities?

  • How do you measure agency performance, contribution and whether they are adding value to your organization?
  • What other qualitative and quantitative measures do you think might be useful?
  • Would it be beneficial to your organization to work in partnership with the agency?
  • Could working in partnership help you achieve your strategic resourcing goals and reduce costs?

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How much should a recruitment agency cost?

How much should a recruitment agency cost?

Sometimes a saying really doesn’t make sense in the context it is used in. One of these is the idea of ‘Bang for your buck’ in relation to staffing services.

A staffing business or I should preferably say, a good recruitment business will offer more than bang for your buck. This is because to be a recruiter, essentially, all you need is a telephone, a website, a list of potential customers and a positive attitude. In fact, if you read some of the more sensational ‘how to succeed in business…’ kind of books that is all you need to be a millionaire by next year. This is, of course, absolute rubbish.

Being a recruitment business requires more than a bit of confidence and some sales pitch. Amongst other things, it requires

  • need-to-know rules and regulations of the recruitment industry
  • knowledge of the market
  • Varied experience of recruiting
  • One or more niche or specialist areas where you have a clear focus
  • Client-based approach
  • Candidate based approach

And that’s before we get to the behind the scenes things such as the ability to run a successful business and making sure everyone gets paid.

‘Recruitment in a box’ may prove to be a much more expensive initial investment, rather than founding your own company, but it does come with a host of benefits. Not only will it help you get your business off the ground, but it will also provide you with marketing materials, advertising, and software, and, having already built up a respected profile, may have already established a relationship with businesses and candidates.

In short, you need to be able to run the kind of recruitment business that candidates want to use, clients want to come to, and both want to return to.

Unfortunately, it is possible to bluff your way through the initial stages of contact with a prospective client by offering services beyond your means. To a business looking for a quick staffing related solution, when someone calls up with a low cost, high result, sounding option it is tempting to take it. After all, this is what we mean by bang for your buck! Our hard-earned money is spent on a quick result that doesn’t break the bank. The only problem here is that, while of course there are some possibilities that you may well get the result you needed, the chances are if you are dealing with someone without the list of skills from earlier, at best it will be one bang and most likely no bang at all.

So here is the problem. That list has a cost. Every item on that list has a price tag attached because the expert recruiters who implement it get paid to do a job that is at times very difficult and, in the current low unemployment and ever-changing market, pretty stressful. It is also brilliant, rewarding, energetic, lively and great fun, so I am far from complaining, I wouldn’t do anything else. Our team at Trans GNX HR Solutions is frankly fantastic people, and we are proud of the job they do. So, we like to pay for them.

Then there is the matter of the candidates we supply

Then there is the matter of the candidates we supply, that we find, train if needed, work with to develop a career and of course ultimately match with the right employer for what will be a long-term employment relationship. You want to gain a reputation for supplying the best candidates, so being seen to be attempting to offload anyone will earn you a reputation of being dishonest and even underhanded.

Going back to why ‘bang for your buck’ is a phrase that really makes us twitch. They are loud and impressive. They are exciting, but ultimately, they are short-lived and soon forgotten. Did you know it probably came from buying the best weapon? That seems quite appropriate because a quick bang for your buck deal can be destructive and once used up gone forever.

So how much should a recruitment agency cost? Well, a good one will be basing their charges on being:

  • Honest and open about charges and potential success
  • An awareness of your budget and resources
  • You need to have a CRM in place to manage your data.
  • An ability to really provide the service you pay
  • Value for money

In essence, they won’t give you bang for your buck because that is not cost-effective. They will work with you to ensure that the money you spend on your next employee is money that comes back in a return on your investment in an employee that boosts your business. We are a staffing partner working to help you achieve, not a faceless salesperson.

So, we don’t do bang for your buck because that is not the best option, we do provide value for your buck.

Every client is different, so it’s not practical in a small article like this to say “Hey, we charge this much…” but all that said, you may well be pleasantly surprised about how much working with us will cost.

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The Value of a Good Recruitment Process

The Value of a Good Recruitment Process

The importance of a good recruitment process can not be emphasized enough. It shows professionalism and trust as well as the credibility of your organization. Hiring the ideal talent can be time-consuming as well as pricey. Therefore, it is very important to create a strong recruitment process to save time, money as well as efforts. There are certain situations in which it is recommended and even beneficial to outsource recruitment.

Let’s have a look at why an excellent recruitment process is essential and when should companies outsource recruitment of the required talent.

What is the Importance of a Good Recruitment Process?

Listed below are some of the many facets which stress the importance of a strong recruitment process.

Considering that recruiting is seldom a private affair, a good recruitment process puts forth a positive image of your business to the candidates as well as competitors. You are regarded as a more genuine and efficient business.

A well-thought-out recruitment process can accelerate the process of searching, interviewing, hiring and on-boarding. It can simplify all of these stages and make the company’s search for top talent much more efficient.

It can help improve your presence in the marketplace as an employee brand. With a growing number of jobs readily available and fewer active candidates in the job market, the war for hiring top talent is tough. An excellent brand image can aid in attracting the right and high-caliber talent for your company. The recruitment process is instrumental in creating your company’s brand image.

Why Outsource Recruitment?

Listed here are a few of the reasons as to why you need to think about Recruitment Process Outsourcing:

The whole process of recruiting top talent can turn out to be really challenging and expensive. The extensive process consists of posting jobs online, replying to job queries, shortlisting the prospects, screening, interviewing and on-boarding.

A lot of resources, time and efforts are required for this process. Recruitment companies have the appropriate resources and are experienced at delivering the results you desire in a faster and better way. If your company does not have the resources for addressing a few or all of the phases of recruitment, its ideal to outsource recruitment.

If you notice that your company is experiencing a high turn over rate, the recruitment message sent out by your firm could be wrong. One of the top reasons that new hires leave their jobs soon after joining is that they end up doing what they didn’t expect. Specialist recruitment firms have the skillset and know-how to make sure that the recruitment message is effective in attracting top talent best suited for your needs. Such companies also have the knowledge of which platforms to take advantage of in order to reach out to the maximum number of candidates.

In case you are seeing constant bad hires, you require to take a good look at your recruitment process for technicalities. Conduct an audit of the hiring process, sourcing strategies, candidate screening approaches, and the interviewing process. A recruitment company can evaluate and amend sourcing, screening and interviewing process. Such companies can identify the crux of the hiring issue for you and provide suitable solutions with regards to hiring the best talent for your needs.

If your recruitment department appears disengaged or uninspired to achieve the Firm’s talent acquisition goals, figure out the reason behind it. It might be few or no recognition or rewards for achieving goals, lack of compensation, inadequate resources, outright disengagement or lack of urgency due to reduced workload. If you are not able to address the reason, do not be reluctant to hire a recruitment company for your needs. It may provide your in-house recruitment team the right push by reminding them that they are replaceable. Who knows, a little competition could be just what your in-house recruitment personnel may require to achieve their goals & objectives.

When you make a decision to outsource for your recruiting needs to find a company that has a proven track record, it is a specialist and also fits your budget. Provide the recruitment company a precise and clear description of the ideal prospect that you desire. Interact with them, offer feedback when necessary and ask for regular updates from them pertaining to the recruitment process.

What is the job description of a HR recruiter?

What is the job description of a HR recruiter?

The field of recruitment is extremely competitive and fast-paced. The pressures on HR recruiters are increasing by the day due to a decline in candidate availability and the uncertainty caused by unpredictable job markets. In such circumstances, HR recruiters are an asset to any recruitment business because of the invaluable support they provide. Their job is to identify, attract, and shortlist candidates for the recruitment process in accordance with the requirements of the client briefs.

As the trends in recruitment shift from traditional practices of posting adverts on job boards towards establishing a robust social media presence and personal networking, the role of an HR recruiter has become more important than ever.

A common question often asked is; what does an HR recruiter do? In a nutshell, they seek out talent across a variety of online platforms, such as LinkedIn (a professional networking platform), by communicating with a broad pool of potential candidates. They also play a key role in identifying new business opportunities and acting as the eyes and ears of the business.


  • Searching for and identifying job leads and strive to identify a new candidate and client opportunities.
  • Source new candidates from job boards, social media, and other platforms. Contacting the candidates and conducting an initial screening to find out what roles they are interested in, their salary expectations, notice period, the reason for leaving the current role, and so on.
  • When working on specific roles, coordinating with relevant consultants to learn the job details, specific qualifications required, and the experience needed (if any) and use this information to source candidates who meet the criteria.
  • Plan the candidate search – if sourcing a new candidate, searching through all available sources. If not, searching for a new candidate and scanning the agency’s own database to find suitable candidates who already have a working relationship with the consultants.
  • Conducting the initial screening when dealing with new candidates, followed by registering the candidate to match the roles they are looking for. Another important function is to understand and manage candidates’ aspirations to ensure they find the right role.  They would also bring up any serious issues to the consultant. They also provide support in carrying out pre-employment and compliance checks in line with company policy and relevant legislation.
  • Providing general administrative support to the recruitment function, such as answering queries, supporting the sales process, and making sure that the candidates and clients always receive a professional and comprehensive recruitment service.


  • It allows time to focus on other things such as business development and client meetings.
  • Makes the recruitment process smoother for consultants by contacting new and old candidates and preparing a suitable pool of candidates for the relevant role.
  • Brings in more business by identifying and progressing new client and candidate leads.
  • Ensures the smooth running of operations by maintaining dialogue throughout the candidate experience, scheduling screenings and co-ordination of interviews, and providing constructive feedback.


  • The role of a recruiter is mainly candidate focused and involves working alongside a consultant within a specific discipline helping them source candidates for roles they are working on – especially roles that are difficult to fill. In contrast, a consultant’s role is more focused on client relationship building and business development.
  • As a consultant, the role is much faster-paced.

Anyone looking to pursue a career in recruitment, starting as HR Recruiter is an excellent stepping stone; especially if they come from a sales or a customer-focused background.

As an HR recruiter, you get to work with the consultants across different disciplines such as HR, business support, financial services, and accountancy and finance.

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