You have actually made it to the interview phase. Wonderful! But are you all set with your concerns?

Most individuals do not ask interview questions in the end. BIG Mistake. You might experience bliss at having completed answering their questions but the interview has actually not finished yet. Asking the appropriate questions matters – it makes you look prepared and makes you look really eager to work for them; just the top qualities that an employer is looking for – especially important if they are splitting hairs between you and another prospect.

So, what are the best interview questions to ask? Below are some to get you started, but overall I advise that you have at least six and also write them down exactly as you wish to ask them and take them with you.

1. Is this an existing position or a new one?

You might assume that you will be having a lengthy handover from an existing member of staff that is leaving. If this is a new position you need to be knowledgeable about the outset. Personally I believe newly created positions are like gold dust due to the fact that you have the scope to make them your own. Taking over from Shalini in accounts who has had the job for 25 years is a much more challenging path to own for the newcomer. Regardless, you need to understand what you are dealing with before you accept the role.

2. Can you describe the preliminary training I would receive if I was to start in this role?

Not many individuals like being thrown in literally at the deep end. Figure out if the training is structured ie – proper induction program or is it an instance of shadowing an existing member of staff or perhaps there is no training at all! The level of training provided at the beginning provides you an indication of what further training and development down the line to anticipate from your new employer.

3. I like feeling like I belong to a team and contributing towards the overall success of an organization – how do your staff learn about the direction and successes of the company? Do you have routine meetings for example where this info is shared? 

This will certainly make you appear like you are truly interested in working for them and are motivated by working towards goals. Their answer will provide you an indication of if you are just a ‘worker bee’ to them or if they include their team in the vision of their organization.

4. What do people seem to like the most about working here?

Employers require to care for their staff. If they have not a clue about why their staff enjoys working for them then chances are they do not care too much. If they provide you an animated and well-informed answer then this tells you that staff is important to them.

5. Are there any changes coming up for the company?

This is their chance to let you know any kind of changes that might affect you in a positive method. Probably they are relocating workplaces, increasing their market share or launching a new product – all of which is good to know and ask about.

6. If I am successful and am offered this role, can you describe the team that I would be working with?

You need to ask this question because for them to provide you an answer means they have to actually envision you working as part of that team. You are literally forcing them to picture you in their workplace which is what you desire!

If you ask smart and thought about questions at the end, you can actually increase your chances of being selected for the job. We suggest that you read through our career advice page prior to attending an interview. We wish you good luck!